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biking tours

Discover nomads through biking & rafting tour


This trip is definitely one of the most adventurous tour that you can explore within 3 days in Mongolia. In this tour you will challenge yourselves biking through the National park and passing interesting shape of rock formations, ancient temples and rafting one of the longest river of Mongolia. Length: 2 night / 3days Tour starting: Everyday Read More »

Bike tour in Mystical Altai

biking tours

This biking tour will take you to the highest snowcapped mountain and beautiful lakes and rivers of Western Mongolia. You also will enjoy learning unique nomad’s tradition, culture and exploring untouched land with its heritage while challenging yourself. Length: 13night / 14days Tour starting: Everyday Read More »

Biking through the epic trails

Biking through the Epic Trails

Our bike trip is truly an adventurous discovery, exploring through the birthplace of Great Chinggis Khaan the founder of the Biggest Empire the world ever known. You will enjoy and explore many of the famous historical heritage sites, traditional life of nomad herders and Buryat ethnic Mongolians while riding along the pristine landscapes of Eastern Mongolia as challenging yourself. Length: 13nights ... Read More »

Cycling through the boundless steppe

Biking through open grasslands Mongolia

The ” eight-fold wheel” shows and symbolizes the way to peace and wisdom.But with the bike we move out into the world. Through the middle of the Mongolian steppe, we make our way through varied paths and have to cross small watercourses. During your tour you will really get to know the country and the life of the nomads. Length: 12nights ... Read More »

Biking & Living with nomads


Discover the Mongolian beauty and amazing scenery by cycling. Traveling by bike, is one of the best way to get in touch a real experience of the country and culture. Length: 1night / 2days Tour starting: Summer Read More »

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