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Community based tours Mongolia

Pure nomad – Pure adventure


Between the eyes and ears a palm wide, just like lies and truth. See the truth with your own eyes. Immerse yourself in the life of the nomads of the Felt Nation and have plenty of opportunities to experience the Mongolian culture and traditional lifestyle. The hospitality of the nomads will inspire you while you enjoy visiting them, learning ancient ... Read More »

Nomad Impression

Gurvanbulag community with the guest

Our trip offers about nomadic life, staying with the hospitable nomads is a great way to experience real Mongolia at its best. You can stay with them for a few days to experience real nomadic culture and you can see and try dairy product making, sheep herding, mare and cow milking etc. Most of them have extra ger for their ... Read More »

Living heritage of Steppe

Digital StillCamera

Enjoy a beautiful nature of the Khentii mountain range, wide open steppe where nomad horsemen freely gallop and breed their 5 snout animals. Learning and experiencing unique nomadic culture and way of life while visits in the Ger of nomad herders are part of many adventures you encounter. Length: 8nights / 9days Tour starting: 15th of June Read More »

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