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Cultural tours Mongolia

The Silk Road Camel Caravan

The Silk Road Camel Caravan

The Silk Road is the oldest trade route in the world that connects east to west. Known as caravan road, the first caravan started around the year of 100BC, with the shimmering fabric from China to the Mediterranean. According to the evidences of the historical and scientific researches, part of ancient Silk Road had been crossing through the Gobi Altai ... Read More »

Journey to UNESCO World Heritages

Journey to UNESCO World Heritages

Joining in this tour offers you a great opportunity in exploring mystical places of Mongolia that listed in UNESCO World Heritage. And the tour allows you to experience the authentic culture of different ethnic groups of Mongolia who inherited their tangible and intangible heritages alive from the generation to generation. Length: 16 nights / 17 days Tour starting: 05th of ... Read More »

Heritage of the Steppe


The steppe will reveal its treasures to you in this tour. It is by visiting in depth monasteries and cultural sites that you will learn about Mongolia, its history and its people. Join this tour to discover ancient ruins and mystical places in a unique picturesque atmosphere. Length: 13nights / 14days Tour starting: 16th of July Read More »

Journey into the Secret history of Mongols

binder ovoo

Joining this trip offers a great opportunity in exploring through the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan, the founder of Greatest Empire the world ever known. Many of hidden treasures related to the ancient history of Mongols are found on the way of the exploration. You can treat yourself to learn a unique culture while visiting a Ger of nomad herder and ... Read More »

Sacred Places of Eastern Mongolia

sacred place of eastern Mongolia

This special trip gives you enormous chance to enjoy throughout untouched beautiful nature and rich cultural heritages of Eastern Mongolia. A great opportunity to feel and get a lot of energy from Mongolian greatest spiritual places. Length: 13nights / 14days Tour starting: 06th of August Read More »

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