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Horse riding tours Mongolia

Horse riding in Terelj National Park

Horseriding in terelj

By joining this trip you will be with tough Mongolian horses and feeling their energy and strength. Besides riding in natural beauty, you will closely encounter nomads’ culture and lifestyle, plus take a chance to watch and learn Mongolians’ horsemanship… Length: 12nights / 13days Tour starting: 15th of Jun Read More »

On Horseback to the discovery of the Taiga

nuur aylal 02

Be ready to ride to the discovery of the Tsaachin community. This mythic ethnic will welcome you in their home place in mystical Taiga. It’s on horseback that you will reach their remote camp. You will spend days in their tribe, learning their everyday life and traditions while enjoying the breathtaking natural surroundings. Join in this trip to meet a ... Read More »

Nomadic trail along ancient horse relay

nomadic trail along ancient horse relay mongolia05

This fabulous horseriding trek goes in the heart of Mongolia, through the places rich in natural and historical value. You have a great opportunity to sense the freedom when galloping through horizon-reaching steppe and inspire your wind horse… Length: 11nights / 12days Tour starting: 14th of June Cost: start from 3-5 pax 1990$per person Read More »

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