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Nomadic Melodies

nomad melody

This is the first initiative in Mongolian tourism that helps to keep alive our traditional sounds which nowadays tend to the extinction. The main goal of this project is preserving the Mongolian Traditional Musical Heritage by operating musical tours concept. The project is running for 3 years already in our collaboration with a NGO,” Khunnu Tsuur-Mongolian Folk Music Association “. ... Read More »

Community based Tourism network

gurvanbulag community mongolia

The major potentials of Mongolia for a successful international tourism development lay in the beauty of its unspoiled landscape as well as its cultural heritage, in particular by today’s pastoral Read More »

Children’s Eco club

khuvsgul dalai eej eco club mongolia

“Mother Lake Khuvsgul” Children’s Eco Club in the northern Mongolia Khatgal village, Alag-Erdene soum, Khuvsgul province Brief introduction: Children’s Eco Club „Mother sea Khuvsgul” was founded on 17th of August 2008 at the initiative and with the support of our company. The initial activity was carried out with involvement of about 50 pupils and 5 teachers of the 11-year secondary ... Read More »

Nomad library


The ‘Nomad Library’ project is intended to reduce educational poverty by providing books to Mongolian countryside children who many otherwise not have the opportunity to access a library. This library doesn`t wait the children to come to it, but it directly goes to the children, made in a Ger, the Nomad library travels through the Tuv, Bulgan, Khentii provinces and ... Read More »

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