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Organization and Operation

Organization & Operation – Since our company is state licensed and fully owned by Mongols we have the most reliable local experience for every kind of tour arrangements, guaranteed smooth operations and our professional team can take responsibility and action in all situations. Read More »

Transportations & Drivers

transportation camel tour mongolia

Transportation & Drivers – From 4WD high-speed jeeps to two humped Bactrian camels, from modern buses to traditional yak carts, wherever possible we use alternative transports to enable you to experience real adventures in the country of nomads. In the capital city, we use big and mini buses (depending on the group size) and other suitable vehicles, which are made ... Read More »

Ethics & Environment

Biking Nomad

Ethics & Environment – We appreciate strong travel ethics of our clients who respect our culture and traditions, protect the natural environment, and give work to local people in order to benefit the communities they visit. Read More »

Accommodations & Camping


Accommodation & Camping – We offer the most atmospheric, clean hotels in Ulaanbaatar, conveniently located nature friendly Ger/Yurt camps and local community based Ger camps in countryside areas. Homestay at Ger of nomadic family is arranged according to clients’ request. During the active treks the spacious lightweight tents of 3 people will be provided on a twin share basis. A ... Read More »

Meals & Drinks


Meals & Drinks – We provide variety of local Mongolian food and beverage during our tours. Sharing meals with nomads, having meals at non touristic local restaurants are part of your experience. Any request of special diet can be arranged with our pleasure. Safe and hygienic meals will be prepared in local and traditional style, and even our clients are ... Read More »



Activities – Different activities like trekking, horseriding, Bactrian camelriding, yak/ox carting, bird and flower watching, wildlife viewing, flyfishing, cycling, rafting, dog sledding are included in our active and adventure tours, customized due to the clients’ level of fitness, as being the ways of discovering the nature & local areas while recreating. Read More »

Wildlife & Nature

toursmongolia altai tavan bogd

Wildlife & Nature – Travelling through a diversity of landscapes, seeing wildlife and natural beauties are part of our tours. Our clients enjoy the most interesting, but flexible programs that are designed due to our comprehensive field experience. Read More »

Events & Festivals

toursmongolia festivals

Events & Festivals – These are the best ways to show and realize cultural traditions of the country and customs of the local people. In order to offer our clients more opportunities to explore Mongolia in different ways, we hold several interesting events like Nomads’ Winter Festival which includes International Skating Event & Ice Festival (March 2-3,2015), Eagle Festival (March ... Read More »

Tradition & Modernity

toursmongolia modernity

Tradition & Modernity – Activities included in our tours are truly based on living tradition and appropriate technology of nomadic lifestyle. We design mobile itineraries along our network according to nomads’ technology of travelling between the various spots with ample of activities like walking, trekking, riding and visiting etc. Our clients can learn “luxury content and real experience” about Mongolia ... Read More »

Culture & People

toursmongolia nomaden

Culture & People – Our tours focus on interactive communications, experiences sharing with Mongolian people, especially nomadic herder communities since one of the primary purposes of our clients are to understand local way of life, culture and beliefs, and exchange knowledge in non-touristic way. Read More »

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