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Special tours Mongolia

Dog Sledding trip in Terelj, Khentii national park

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Dog sledding in the wilderness of Mongolia is a truly amazing experience! Specially, in Terelj National Park, which is the best combination of while you enjoy dog sledding with picturesque landscape that includes steppes, mountains, valleys, rivers and astonishing rock formations . Also, You won’t miss the chance to meet with local people who have a great hospitality and experience ... Read More »

On camel back through sand dunes


Exploring the Mongolian Gobi and its hidden treasures on the back of the powerful but gently animal is a lifelong memory for an adventurer. With our experienced camel riding guides and herdsmen you can easily and quickly mastered the basic technique of camel riding and could be guiding your camel within a short duration. Length: 11nights / 12days Tour starting: 18th ... Read More »

Explore Argali sheep in East Gobi


Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve is a community reserve where local people have partnered with the Denver Zoo Foundation, the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and Nomadic Journeys company for research and the conservation of the Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Plateau. It is an upland with many rocky outcrops… Length: 3nights / 4days Tour starting: 15th of June Read More »

Snow Leopard Quest

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The snow leopard is the most mysterious and rare wild cat. It is estimated that there are 1,200 of them lives in Mongolia. While you quest and observe the snow leopard you can travel through the beautiful Altai Mountains, with eternal snow-capped peaks and glaciers, are the highest range in Mongolia in the far west. This is one of the very ... Read More »

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