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Trekking tours Mongolia

Holy Altai Inspiring Trail


An uncommon adventure will take you through the wilderness of Altai, the highest mountainous region in the western Mongolia. From the snow covered peaks to the rivers running through breathtaking valleys, from the ancient rock painting art galleries to the unique local traditions, this trekking journey will immerse you into untouched beautiful nature and rich cultural heritages of Mongols. Length: ... Read More »

Nomadic Trail

nomadic trail

Welcome to Mongolia, the country of nomads and discover its untouched natural beauties and unique cultural traditions while traveling and trekking through the varied landscapes. Our trekking tour takes you through the western wilderness, so you will feel the amazing open space and wide horizon of Mongolia, where nomads live in Ger of their ancient felt dwelling as harmonized with ... Read More »

Trekking to the Tsaachin community in mystical Taiga

trekking to tsaatan photo

Be ready to go to the discovery of the Tsaachins. This mythic ethnic will welcome you in their home place near the Khuvsgul Lake. You will spend days in their tribe, learning their everyday life and their traditions like riding reindeers, milking reindeers, processing skins /among others…/ while enjoying the beautiful nature. You will also have the possibility to ride ... Read More »

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