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Community Based Ger Camp

Brief Introduction

Gurvanbulag – Community Based Ger camp (CBG camp) established in 2008 and has been actively operated since May of 2009 with the management contribution and financial support of Tour Mongolia.



The Gurvanbulag CBG camp is located in the central region of Mongolia where forest mountain, rolling steppe and Gobi sand dunes are found in one place. This unique area belongs to buffer zone of KhognoKhan Mountain Nature Reserve.
The local community, called Gurvanbulag owns the CBG camp and a trained team selected out of the community members runs the business. Since the small scale community based accommodation service is made by the local herders’ community, it exists together with local families’ Gers and when they move to another pasture then it certainly moves. By combining traditional and modern technologies, the Gurvanbulag CBG camp operates in environmentally friendly & culturally respective ways.

Because of the local people aim to generate extra income as relying and using own resources and advantages, an every member of the community makes his/her best efforts when serving guests at the camp. Staying in the CBG camp offers a great opportunity to see, experience and learn the nomadic culture more in depth while roaming in authentic life. The community members provide ecological fresh meat, milk and dairy products to the camp in order to prepare and offer Mongolian traditional tasty food and tea.

Besides having the nomad cultural experiences all guests can enjoy active holidays as trekking to sand dunes, riding Mongolian horses through the wide open valley and traveling with ox cart to other natural and cultural attractions around the community place.

gurvanbulag map 12

The Gurvanbulag Community Based Ger camp locates at Tsagaan Khoshuu, 3rd Bag, Gurvanbulag Soum, Bulgan province – 290 km from Ulaanbaatar, 140 km from Bulgan town of Bulgan province, 7 km from the centre of Gurvanbulag Soum.

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Capacity & Facilities

– Mongolian Gers (5 walls)

gurvan bulag 12  mongolia

– Gers  with traditional beddings (80x180cm) mattresses  (2- 4 beds in a Ger)




A restaurant ger  with 20 seats

– Trained staff (100% locals)

gurvanbulag farewell mongolia

– Solar heating camp showers – 2

– Local made composting-toilets – 2

– Hand washer

– Horses & ox carts

Safety & Security

– We have safeguard for 24 hours

– Our Community Based Ger camp equipped with fire firefighting instruments & all staff are trained for proper use of them

– Drinking water is usually purified & boiled

– All staff are certified with health control

– All row materials are stored due to related conditions

– All meals and drinks are prepared and produced according to technological requirements

– Toilets, showers and sauna are cleaned and disinfected hourly and daily basis

– Provide our guests information to prevent from fire and instructions to deal in case of emergency

Advantages for staying in the Community Based Ger (CBG) camp

– By staying Gurvanbulag CBG camp you will have a great chance to explore & experience authentic nomadic life and culture in depth as being friends with Mongols

gurvanbulag community with the guest

– You will get acquianted with traditional technologies for producing dairy products from the start to complete end, and even you can involve activities as you liked.- Enjoying daily life of nomads, exploring animal breeding , learning tradition of the Ger-felt dwelling, seeing Mongolian horsemanship, riding horses, traveling with ox cart and trekking around natural beauties are parts of your joy.

gurvanbulag experience horseman life

Visiting & living with nomadic family                                    Making traditional mongolian ger’s decoration

gurvanbulag visiting namd family

– Many traditional foods prepared by fresh meat and milk supplied by the community members will be offered to the guests

Every community families has 5 kind animals.Especially they have many horses.

Milking mares for fermented milk drink ”airag”.   Children become horseman at the young age of ten.

milking horse

Every Mongolian herder is a good ranger and a skillful racehorse trainer. They will support your safe and successful horseriding. Every horserider should be attend Mongolian horse riding manual training by local horse riding instructor before the horseriding.

gurvanbulag community mongolia07

– Cultural and natural explorations

– Environmentally pleasant activities & functions

– Flexible & affordable rates

Scenery of Gurvanbulag CBG camp


Northwest side                                                           East side – Khetsuu els


Tarna stream near the camp                                      Children of Gurvanbulag like to play here.


– Sand dune of Khetsuu Els (3 km)                         – Centre of Gurvanbulag Soum (7 km)


– Elsen Tasarkhai (45 km)


– Khugnu Khan Mountain, Erdene Khamba temple, ruin of Uvgun temple (45 km)

– Petroglyphs of Agt valley (22 km)

– Ugii lake (74km)

– Khar Bukhiin Balgas- ancient fortress (80 km)

– Central Point of Mongolia (95 km)

– Shireet Tsagaan lake, Ikh Mongol and Baga Mongol mountains (100 km)

– Centre of Kharkhorin Soum, Kharakhorum town, Erdenezuu monastery (102 km)

Local events

– Worshipping Ceremony of Avzaga Khairkhan Mountain- Centre of Gurvanbulag Soum (7 km)

– Naadam Festival ( July)

– Nomad library

The ‘Nomad Library’ project is intended to reduce educational poverty by providing books to Mongolian countryside children who many otherwise not have the opportunity to access a library. This library doesn`t wait the children to come to it, but it directly goes to the children, made in a Ger, the Nomad library travels through the Tuv, Bulgan, Khentii provinces and stop few days around central villages, or summer places of nomad herders. Another main purpose of the Nomad library is to be a cultural and ecological education center in the remote countryside. Since the beginning of the project in 2008 our company involved in it, and fully supported its successful implementations for 4 years already. Many of our clients visited \during the stay at Gurvanbulag soum near the camp\ and donated the Nomad library project, and involved as volunteers to teach the children some elementary English.

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