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Tour Mongolia is a specialist tour operator offering the best holidays in Mongolia. There are 12 permanent staff employes full time at the office and 120-150 personnel throughout the country Who employ during the main season  from May to November. Tour Mongolia has own network of an extensive supply chain operating across the country, made up of many different stakeholders such as nomadic communities, multilingual guides, tourist camps,  transportation providers, restaurants, hoteliers, entertainment and leisure enterprises. Our attention to detail and personal approach will make your trip unforgettable. Our friendly and experienced staff and guides will make you feel like at home throughout your stay in the Mongolia and are always on call to assist you with any requests or questions that you may have.
We hope you enjoy choosing your Mongolian experience from our exciting selection of holiday options. If your usual holiday experience leaves you wanting more, an escorted tour in the expert hands of Tour Mongolia, could provide the magic you’re looking for. You’ll experience a journey of the senses, where the local landscape, culture and history combine with famous landmarks to give you a real insight into the country you’re visiting. At Tour Mongolia, we’ve been providing top quality touring holidays for many years so we know what makes a holiday extraordinary.

tour mongolia ganaGANA – GANTEMUR.D 

Board Chairman

Gana graduated from the University of Oriental and Mongolian Study on MA degree with specialization of Mongolian Nomad Philosophy and Culture. Since 1995 he started his career on tourism as a lecturer in the Institute of Tourism Management, the first high education tourism institute in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. During the teaching years he became head of the Tourism department and completed number of professional trainings and courses as Hospitality and Cultural Communication in the University of Bielefeld in Germany, Tourism Marketing Management in the Free University of Brussels in Belgium and Tourism Planning and Policy in the Superior University of Balearic Islands in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. In 2001, he established AATM Company with his friends. In 2007, he graduated from Wageningen University-WICE Program (by World Leisure Organization) on Sustainable Tourism Management specialization. After his return in Mongolian field practice he initiated and established Sustainable Tourism Development Center, the national NGO with the kind assistances of Mongolian key tour operators. Since his responsibility is the chairman of this NGO, now he has number of duties with the projects which all are focused on sustainable development of Mongolian tourism. Gana’s main concern is to develop tourism as a tool of reinforcing Mongolian identity and cultural immunity as promoting nomad-friendly travel and tourism technology. He speaks English, German, Dutch and Russian. Contact e-mail:

tour mongolia baganaaBAGANAA – ALTANBAGANA.D

Executive Director 

Graduated from the Institute of Tourism Management in Mongolia, and then was a tourism lecturer in the Institute for 3 years. He involved in the company with the friends since its establishment in 2001, and was responsible for sales and financial matters. Baganaa is well experienced with all functions of tour operating, and now he is responsible for overall management of the company. Besides the company duty he is in charge of editor-in-chief of the official quarter magazine of Mongolian tourism. He speaks English, Russian and a little bit of German. Contact e-mail:


General Manager 

Kadr is working for tourism since 2000 after his graduation from Institute of Tourism Management in Mongolia. Under his professional and careful guidance for planning and preparation of tours, both we and our clients enjoy real smooth operation. He has been handled hundreds of successful projects with his fellow clients in the world of adventures during his experience over a decade in the tourism. He proves best quality of our tours as well as real satisfaction of clients. Kadr is in charge of general manager of the company since 2009. He speaks English and Russian. Contact e-mail:

0 jagaa akhJAGAA – Jargalsaikhan.B
Local Representative & Tour Manager Jagaa is also a native of the Altai Mountain region of Western Mongolia, and has guided trekking, mountaineering, biking, horse riding and fishing trips there and across Mongolia since 2008. He is especially skilled at alpine trekking and mountaineering, and has summited many of Mongolia’s tallest peaks, including Khuiten Uul, the highest peak in Mongolia and meeting point of Mongolia’s border with Russia and China. While working as a guide, Jagaa simultaneously earned a degree for Interpreter and Tourism Management from the Bridge International College in Ulaanbaatar. Jagaa’s experience and intimate knowledge of Kazakh and other tribal cultures in Mongolia is a valuable asset to our trips.  Jagaa is responsible for logistics, daily operations, and other administrative duties of Active Adventure Tours Mongolia. He is always ready and willing to help you in any way possible, and can be contacted at


tour mongolia tulgaTULGA – BATTULGA.B

Senior Guide

Tulga is our specialist guide on horse back riding and trekking. He has already 20 years of experience and safety record for handling active and adventure trips through most challenged destinations of Mongolia. He plays main role for training our guides in the field, and helps them to know how to handle issues in local condition. Tulga’s family live in the Terelj National Park and they established a small scale community based lodging service for guests who enjoy their hospitality while surrounded by beautiful nature of the area. Contact e-mail:

tour mongolia otgonbayarOGI – OTGONBAYAR.D 

Tour Leader & German Market Manager 

Ogi was graduated from State University of Foreign Languages in Mongolia and then she had studied for International Cultural Communication in Germany. She has perfect leading and guiding skills for the groups and many years of traveling and trekking experience, that makes her specialist in the field. One of main responsibilities of Ogi is to communicate with our clients in German market. Lastly in 2009, she upgraded her market knowledge and tour leading skill in Austria by our on-job training program. She speaks fluent German and a bit of English. Contact e-mail:

tour mongolia unurUNURUU – UNUR.G 

Japanese Market Manager

In 1997, she started her career as a tour guide for travelers from Japan while studying at the Institute of Tourism Management in Mongolia. Then after her graduation in 2001 she started working as a sales manager of the company. She upgraded her skills and knowledge about the market features by studying in Japan for 2 years. Communicating with clients, creating and helping to plan custom-made itineraries of unique travel products due to the clients’ wishes, and offering those at most reasonable prices are what she experienced with her years of working. Unur has fluent Japanese, good command of English. Contact e-mail:


Operation Manager & Quality Inspector 

He is responsible staff for operation and quality inspection of the tours. Sukhee graduated from “Gazarchin” the Tourism Institute. While studying he had a pure practice for three years with us for organizing active & adventure tours due to the international standard and requirements. Recently he refreshed his knowledge on operation of trekking trip while studying in Nepal by our on-job training program. He speaks German and English. Contact e-mai:


Marketing Manager

Galaa graduated from “Gazarchin” the Tourism Institute for BA on tourism management in 2007. He joined our company from 2009 and now he is responsible for our marketing service & press, media. Galaa loves photography and horse riding. He speaks English and bit of Korean. Contact mail:

tour mongolia ariunaaARIUNA –ARIUNTSETSEG.J 

Office & Sales Manager

She graduated from State University in 2008 with specialization on tour operator’s office management. Then Aruinaa started her career in the company as an office manager to handle logistics and bookings for tours while managing all documentation in the office. Since she is trained constantly in the field by our experienced staff during last 3 years, she knows well about duties and functions of the position, as well as handling all them in good order. In 2009, she had practiced for sales know-how in Belgium by our on-job training program. She has a good command of English and speaks bit of German and Spanish. Contact e-mail:

mongolei_shineeeSHINE – SHINEBAYAR.O  

Logistic & Domestic Market Manager

He was graduated from Tourism Institute “Gazarchin for BA on tourism management in 2007. As he was being a very active student now he has been working hard for already 3 years to manage all logistic parts of our tours. Mainly he manages with camping gears and travel equipments which are also main factors to generate satisfied clients with our service. Now he has another main duty to be responsible for managing our tours for domestic clients. He speaks English and bit of German. Contact mail:

tour mongolia badralBAGI – BADRAL.SH 

Tour leader 

Bagi is one of the best certified tour leaders of our company. With more than 10 years of experience he has been successfully led hundreds of clients through all main destinations of Mongolia. His broad knowledge and friendly behavior makes him the ideal companion during the tours. He fluently speaks English and bit of Chinese. Contact e-mail:

tour mongolia tsolmonTSOMO – TSOLMON.B 

Tour Leader & German Market Manager

Tsomo is one of the best certified tour leaders of our company. He was graduated from Mandakh Burtgel University in Mongolia and then he had studied for Student College in Germany. He has perfect leading and guiding skills for the groups and many years of traveling and trekking experience, that makes his specialist in the field. One of main responsibilities of he is to communicate with our clients in German market. Lastly in 2009, he upgraded his market knowledge and tour leading skill in Nepal by our on-job training program. He speaks fluent German and a bit of English. Contact e-mail:

Uka – Uyanga

Sales manager & Tour leader

Uka lived many years as nomadic life in the countryside until she went to USA to educate. After her return to Mongolia she decided to become a tour guide so she could pass her traditions, inspirations & challenges onto the travellers. Now she has many years of experience in tour leading and guiding throughout Mongolia. She joined our company from 2013 and now she is responsible for our marketing service. Contact e-mail: 

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